Bassim <span>Haidar</span>

Bassim Haidar

Founder & Group CEO of GMT Group, Chairman & CEO of The Channel IT Group

A Lebanese national born in Nigeria, Bassim Haidar started his first business at the age of 20 when he co-founded Intercomm Ltd, an company specializing in telecom equipment and radio links. While helping Intercomm grow exponentially, he also co-founded GMT, which is now the leading integrated procurement, finance and logistics provider in West Africa. His biggest success, however, came in 2003 when Bassim founded Channel IT to cater and provide supplies and services to the booming telecom industry in Nigeria. Today, the company operates in 19 countries and plays an instrumental role in technologies for emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East, shaping the way people live, socialize, work and learn. Bassim has had over 20 years experience in a multitude of sectors of the African market that include technology and has spearheaded ventures in dozens of industries ranging from hardware and software through to support areas.